Canon Professional Services USA – Finally on the Web

I see Canon Professional Services (CPS) USA is finally on the web!   See:  

While CPS has been in existence prior to this new website, it’s been a bit surprising that they had no website and that everything was handled manually “the old fashioned way” with paper forms, etc.   It’s great to see CPS finally move into the 1990′s (oops, it’s 2009).  Oh well, welcome to the web, CPS USA!  Canon Europe has been ahead of them with their Canon Professional Network (CPN).  CPS USA is finally catching up, it appears.

CPS now has three tiers of membership:  Silver, Gold, and Platinum.   While CPS membership used to be free, now only the Silver level is free, and I am not quite sure of its value.  It appears the Gold and Platimum levels are of greater value to pro photographers.  You’ll have to decide if their fees are worth the value they provide.

I must admit that my experience with the Canon repair services has been disappointing.   So better support through their professional services might be attractive.  I have yet to determine if their repair support really IS any better to CPS members.   I’ll be listing to experiences from other pro photographers who use CPS and report back their experiences.

Camera equipment is so incredibly complex these days!   At times, I am amazed it works at all!  There are so many points of possible failure in any digital slr / flash setup.   That means that having good (and reliable) support is critical for any professional trying to make  a living from this equipment.

Canon, especially, manufactures some amazing equipment!   Now the question is, how is their support?

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